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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

May 25, 2023

Feature of the Week

Digitalization has transformed the world's leading manufacturers since the internet arrived.  Read more ‣
Food packaging has advanced significantly throughout the years.  Read more ‣
In additive manufacturing, different functions require separate software at every step.  Read more ‣

CIO Viewpoint

By Terry Kline, SVP & CIO, Navistar  
We have a singular focus when it comes to utilizing technology in manufacturing, selling and servicing our products—it’s all about uptime.  
By Jerry Flasz, SVP/ CIO, Coty  
Our cloud solutions offer and manage a test environment with production data, removing the necessity of developing and managing an in house production environment.  

Featured Vendors

Greg Slavin, President  
Clean Air Company offers clean air—pure and simple. It conducts site evaluations, and provides engineered solutions with cost analysis along with code compliance requirements. With customer approval, the company provides a complete installation...  Read more ‣
Allan P. Timonera, President  
Fastech Synergy is recognized for its cutting-edge know-how in niche power semiconductor components with expertise in packaging discrete power semiconductor devices, using Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) and RF/ Microwave modules....  Read more ‣

CXO Insights

By Mark Gallant, Industrial Marketing, AeroScout Industrial  
One of the greatest benefits of the IoT has been its ability to standardize and commoditize... 
By Lee Murray, Director of Technology, Troy Design and Manufacturing  
During the test phase, time studies showed RFID scans shaving five to seven seconds off total...